MIHtool – YSlow

MIHTool: iOS web debugger

(MIH for “make it happen”) helps front-end developers to debug and optimize their webpages on iPad and iPhone. It’s an iOS web inspector and debugger that makes various dev tools accessible right on the device you are testing on.

MIHtools - iOS web debugger screenshot

You have such tools inline web inspector, remote web inspector, a view-source style web editor, remote control through an HTTP server, iPhone screen emulation, user agent switching (Firefox, IE, Safari etc.) and various developer bookmarklet services like YSlow, JS Console and WhatFont. All this allows you to debug many aspects of your site directly.

MIHtool – emulating iPhone screen

MIHtool – YSlow

MIHTool is downloadable from the AppStore, and here is the author’s page for docs, changelog and feedback.

Mihtool – iOS web debugger


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