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Final choice for Google Reader replacement

The doomsday of RSS Readers is on its way: Google Reader widely considered the best RSS reader online, will no longer be available past July 1st.

When Google announced its plans to shutter Google Reader in March, the Internet freaked out. Twitter users raised their virtual pitchforks in outrage. Bloggers wept, scrambling to find a suitable replacement by the service’s July 1 death date.

While Feedly is emerging as a prime candidate to replace it, I still not sure if this is the best replacement option. Why is that?

Why not just Feedly?


Feedly works fine for me on iPad, but there’s something off about it as a webapp. It’s different from Google Reader, though many users love that. They’ve even probably been using Feedly long before Google Reader announced its shut down because of its great interface and ultra modern features. But what I need right now is an app that would take over where Google Reader left off and keep going in the same direction. And this ain’t Feedly. Weeks have passed since I first wrote about it on the day Google announced the end of Google Reader. I had plenty of time to discover and test various options.

Full list of alternatives for Google Reader Replacement

As a result, I created this huge rating of Google Reader alternatives from all the possible options I could find, from ancient desktop software to iOS most recent apps. If you’re looking for an alternative of Google Reader, take a look at this list, it might give you some ideas. As the list doesn’t fit into the blog layout, I placed it on a separate full-width page. For now I selected the top RSS readers and aggregators.

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My personal requirements for RSS Reader to replace Google Reader

  1. Independent RSS Aggregator + Reader
  2. Must be a web application
  3. Easy import/export of feeds
  4. Similar interface to Google Reader
  5. Similar features
  6. Nice logo and favicon
  7. Stable version released

What Google Reader replacement did I choose?

From the older post, you probably know, that I already had preferences for most platforms long ago. For both iPad and Android tablets Feedly is number one. Reeder is fine as a desktop application for MacOS. MobileRSS works for iPhone/iPod (it’s still dependent on Google Reader and further plans have not been yet announced). I don’t use any RSS browser extensions or PC desktop applications, reading all the feeds in browser. And I don’t use a Windows Phone, but if I did, I’d be considering NextGen Reader.

So, it’s time to announce the winners. The nominees in the best web application Google Reader Replacement are:

There is also this mysterious NewsMaven closed beta project aimed to build a perfect replacement for Google Reader. It might be worth checking out once released. But as for now I’m only interested in fully functional solutions, this one won’t go on the list.

And the winner is…

Webapp: The Old Reader
Desktop for MacOS: Reeder
iOS/iPad: Feedly, MobileRSSHD
iOS/iPhone: MobileRSS
Android: Feedly

I’m happy with what The Old Reader has to offer. It looks similar to Google Reader providing subscription folders on the left side and the list of stories in the main pane. There’s plenty of familiar keyboard shortcuts, and even the same ability to follow other users and share interesting stories with them—the way you used to be able to with Google Reader. The Old Reader is fast, free, and super simple to use. This is my final choice for Google Reader replacement.

The Old Reader Screenshot

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