Llop emoji

Emoji Mac shortcut, LLOP emoji, Unicode 7.0 emoji list and Symbola font

You might see “broken” images in this post, and this is totally explainable. I’m using symbols that are not yet included into standard fonts on most devices for testing purposes. It’s all good.

This is my little cheatsheet for emoji stuff: opening Mac emoji keyboard, pasting hidden emoji and viewing Unicode 7.0 emoji.

Emoji Mac shortcut

Press Ctrl+Cmd+Space to call emoji keyboard on a Mac.

Emoji keyboard Mac

Press and hold yellow skinned emoji to reveal human skin tones.

Live long and prosper emoji

Here’s a list of LLOP emoji with skin tones.

🖖 #FFC430 (basic yellow) llap emoji
🖖🏻#FADCBC (lightest) llap emoji
🖖🏼#E0BB95 llap emoji
🖖🏽#BF8F68 llap emoji
🖖🏾#9B643D llap emoji
🖖🏿#594539 (darkest) llap emoji

Depending on device support, you might see just a yellow hand and a square or don’t see anything at all. Skip it then and give it a couple of months.

Unicode 7.0 emoji list to test device support

A range of new emoji characters has been released as part of the Unicode 7.0 update. Support for these new emoji is reliant on software updates from device manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, Microsoft etc.)

However, to see all these symbols now you can download a Unicode 7.0 font, such as Symbola (free to use, modify and distribute).

When you activate font, you’ll see all the pictograms as described.

🌡 Thermometer
🌢 Black Droplet
🌣 White Sun
🌤 White Sun With Small Cloud
🌥 White Sun Behind Cloud
🌦 White Sun Behind Cloud With Rain
🌧 Cloud With Rain
🌨 Cloud With Snow
🌩 Cloud With Lightning
🌪 Cloud With Tornado
🌫 Fog
🌬 Wind Blowing Face
🌶 Hot Pepper
🍽 Fork And Knife With Plate
🎔 Heart With Tip On The Left
🎕 Bouquet Of Flowers
🎖 Military Medal
🎗 Reminder Ribbon
🎘 Musical Keyboard With Jacks
🎙 Studio Microphone
🎚 Level Slider
🎛 Control Knobs
🎜 Beamed Ascending Musical Notes
🎝 Beamed Descending Musical Notes
🎞 Film Frames
🎟 Admission Tickets
🏅 Sports Medal
🏋 Weight Lifter
🏌 Golfer
🏍 Racing Motorcycle
🏎 Racing Car
🏔 Snow Capped Mountain
🏕 Camping
🏖 Beach With Umbrella
🏗 Building Construction
🏘 House Buildings
🏙 Cityscape
🏚 Derelict House Building
🏛 Classical Building
🏜 Desert
🏝 Desert Island
🏞 National Park
🏟 Stadium
🏱 White Pennant
🏲 Black Pennant
🏳 Waving White Flag
🏴 Waving Black Flag
🏵 Rosette
🏶 Black Rosette
🏷 Label
🐿 Chipmunk
👁 Eye
📸 Camera With Flash
📽 Film Projector
📾 Portable Stereo
🔾 Lower Right Shadowed White Circle
🔿 Upper Right Shadowed White Circle
🕄 Notched Right Semicircle With Three Dots
🕅 Symbol For Marks Chapter
🕆 White Latin Cross
🕇 Heavy Latin Cross
🕈 Celtic Cross
🕉 Om Symbol
🕊 Dove Of Peace
🕨 Right Speaker
🕩 Right Speaker With One Sound Wave
🕪 Right Speaker With Three Sound Waves
🕫 Bullhorn
🕬 Bullhorn With Sound Waves
🕭 Ringing Bell
🕮 Book
🕯 Candle
🕰 Mantelpiece Clock
🕱 Black Skull And Crossbones
🕲 No Piracy
🕳 Hole
🕴 Man In Business Suit Levitating
🕵 Sleuth Or Spy
🕶 Dark Sunglasses
🕷 Spider
🕸 Spider Web

Chess Emoji