Bulk unsubscribe email service: unroll.me

Have you ever wished for a bulk unsubscribe email service to check all you unwanted subscriptions and make them go away, forever? Luckily, it exists.

The service is called Unroll.me, it’s a free beta now, and it is really just the perfect tool to get rid of all those marketing newsletters and unwanted subscriptions that just love to make their way into your inbox.

Unroll.me accesses your email inbox, perform a fast scan and fetches you back a list of subscriptions for mass unsubscribing. You only have to simply select the emails that are overloading your inbox, and you’ll be automatically unsubscribed from all at once with just a few clicks.

Unroll.me works with Gmail, Google Apps, and Yahoo email accounts; the company (also called Unroll.me) plans on adding support for AOL and other email services.

I’ve had a good experience with unroll.me and successfully got rid of a couple of dozen annoying subscriptions. Come on, check it out.

Unroll me

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