Llop emoji

Emoji Mac shortcut, LLOP emoji, Unicode 7.0 emoji list and Symbola font

You might see “broken” images in this post, and this is totally explainable. I’m using symbols that are not yet included into standard fonts on most devices for testing purposes. It’s all good.

This is my little cheatsheet for emoji stuff: opening Mac emoji keyboard, pasting hidden emoji and viewing Unicode 7.0 emoji.

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Free VPN Zenmate – browser plugin VPN

ZenMate – free VPN browser plugin

This little browser extension called ZenMate for Google Chrome™ allows to access a website that is blocked for you due to censorship or geographical restrictions, such as Facebook for China or Songza for non-US residents.

ZenMate not only removes location restrictions by tunneling your traffic through the ZenMate Cloud but it also fully encrypts all traffic with the highest security standards.

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Best kawaii Japanese smileys (kaomoji)

Best kawaii Japanese smileys (kaomoji) ヾ(●ω●)ノ

Today I’m sharing a list of my favorite and cutest japanese smileys or 顔文字 (kaomoji). Kaomoji emoticons are similar to smileys, but they usually contain various Japanese characters and because of this are capable of express more emotions than traditional western emoticons. Kaomoji is combined of two words:  かお kao “face” and 文字 もじ moji  “letters, writing”.

If you are onn iOS device, download Kaomoji app to have them as a keyboard.

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