Organising bookmarks - Papaly

Organising boomarks with Papaly vs. browser bookmarks

I used to pin my frequent websites into Chrome’s bookmark bar removing the descriptions, so that it looked like a row of favicons linking to the most useful websites.

The problem with this method is that bookmark bar only has space for 38 icons (maybe more for a larger screen) before they get sucked into the dropdown. The other thing is when you want to bookmark more then one URL under the same domain/favicon (github repos, for example).

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Free VPN Zenmate – browser plugin VPN

ZenMate – free VPN browser plugin

This little browser extension called ZenMate for Google Chrome™ allows to access a website that is blocked for you due to censorship or geographical restrictions, such as Facebook for China or Songza for non-US residents.

ZenMate not only removes location restrictions by tunneling your traffic through the ZenMate Cloud but it also fully encrypts all traffic with the highest security standards.

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Chrome Extensions for Web Design and Development

UPD: The list is now forkable on github.

Originally I’ve posted an article called “Chrome Extensions I can’t live without” a few months ago. Later on I kept updating it with more and more extensions that I found useful – mainly in the “webdev and design” category. Today I’m extending it again and moving this list to a separate article for flexibility and convenience. Here is the list of design/webdev only extensions that I use in the work process.

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A list of great Google Chrome extensions – Jucke Blog

Chrome Extensions I can’t live without: 2013

There are tons of Chrome extensions I’ve been trying out and testing. Few of them made it into the Chrome toolbar and I’m using them every day. Here is the list of my currently active best chrome extensions 2013. Hopefully, you find something interesting for yourself.

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