Starbucks Powermat UK

Powermat for iPhone with cinnamon syrup

So, I went out for coffee and came back with a Starbucks powermat wireless charger ring.

Starbucks Powermat UK

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a wireless charger for phones and tablets. To charge a phone you plug in your ring and place it on a powermat spot to start charging.

Starbucks Powermat UK

Powermat chargers have been previously launched in the US. And since the end of January powermats are avaliable in the UK (ring — £10, charging — free) in ten London Starbucks coffee shops. One of them is, luckily, in my building.

Powermat rings exist for variety of devices. Mine was not on the display at first, but they brought it from the back-office when I asked.

There is also a powermat app that lets you know when your battery is running low and where the nearest powermat spot is located.

I used it couple of times already. Pretty neat, huh.

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