Spotify Running

Spotify Running

Spotify Running is a new feature of Spotify app. It’s not a running playlist, it’s more awesome than that!

Select Running on the menu, and then the app will play tracks syncing the music beat with your running tempo. All the tracks are specifically designed so that the tempo could be changed while you’re running.

Spotify Running

When you start, hold the device for a few seconds, so that it could measure your tempo. Unfortunately it doesn’t update the tempo automatically while you’re running, but you can measure it anytime, and the track will magically adjust its tempo. Also, this allows you to put the phone away (or onto a treadmill stand) keeping the tempo.

There’re few themes that you can listen to while you’re running: Burn, Epic, Seasons, Lock the Flow, Blissed Out and The Chase. I’ve been running for 1 hour with The Chase track (remember Running with Zombies?) After 40 minutes it started feeling a little bit tedious, but again, you could always switch to another track or playlist.

If you’re a runner definitely give it a try!

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Pure Gym

Best gym ever

Just finished my first workout at the gym. And I want to write a post about it!

Why, I just didn’t expect a gym to be so appealing. With this many enjoyable things and details. For the record, I’m not a gym rat, though I’ve been to ~10 gyms (also in different countries) and those gym experiences were more or less similar — until this time. Take out your notebooks, gym owners.

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Best iOS board games 2013

2013 was a year of high anticipation and massive releases of the award-winning board games iOS adaptations, such as Agricola or Eclipse. There are also some games who went through the backward conversion from an iOS app to the physical implementation.

Jucke Board Game Awards is on air and I’m ready to announce the best board game 2013 has brought us along with my very own list of the best iOS board games of the year.

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Essential Mac apps by Jucke

My essential Mac apps

Here I made a list of essential Mac apps that I use daily to be able to set up my system quickly and keep the list in one place. The apps are listed without any comments or descriptions for now. But I divided them by category which might be useful for apps with non self-explanatory names.

Hopefully, you will find something useful.

If I missed something really cool or essential, add them in the comments and I’ll check them out.

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Zombies, Run! 2

Running + Zombies = Awesome

There’s one awesome geek app I was eager to write about for some time now. It’s about running – and zombies. I’ve been running for a while now with Runkeeper, and noticed that there’s another running app called “Zombies, Run!” which can be linked to it, posting the run logs and sharing with friends. So, I decided to give it a try ($3.99 for iOS/Android).

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Dropbox and Evernote – two best apps ever

Every time when I’m having a talk about productivity and file organizing, two apps are being mentioned: Dropbox and Evernote. I’m always curious how other people implement their functionality to accomplish certain tasks.

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MIHtool – YSlow

MIHTool: iOS web debugger

(MIH for “make it happen”) helps front-end developers to debug and optimize their webpages on iPad and iPhone. It’s an iOS web inspector and debugger that makes various dev tools accessible right on the device you are testing on.

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Old Booth

Some time ago people started posting vintage-like aged self-portraits to the Instadram feed. For those who are interested how this was made, here is the link to the app. This is all made with Old Booth, which is a great and super-fun image editor with a bunch of vintage face masks from 20th to 80th that are easily applicable to a portrait. These are my top transforms:


→ Download from iTunes

Have fun!