Louis CK

Louis C.K. playlist on YouTube

I enjoyed watching “Louie” a lot.

“Louie” is an American comedy-drama television series. It’s written, directed, edited and produced by the show’s creator, stand-up comedian Louis C.K.

He stars as a fictionalized version of himself – a comedian and newly divorced father raising his two daughters in New York City.

Louie – TV Series

Louie who?

Louis C.K. is an American stand-up comedian, writer, director, actor and editor. GQ called him the “funniest comic alive” and Rolling Stone said Louie C.K. is currently the “darkest, funniest comedian in America.”

The playlist

After watching the TV series I started watching videos from various live shows of Louis C.K. on YouTube and enjoyed them very much as well. I even made a Louis C.K. playlist of the best and funniest videos and records avaliable on YouTube.

I think that fun should be free, so here is a link to the playlist:

Also it’s a good idea to pay for the awesome stuff, so I went to buy.louisck.net and purchased a couple of products there as well. So if you just happen to be a Louis C.K. same as I am, you may just as well consider this option to express your feelings.

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