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Skype premium free code

UPD: I wrote this post a little while ago and I think that the promotion is now over. I will update this post when there are any new promotions out there!

Today, on December 21st, you can get a free Skype premium code for free. I’ve checked that myself and it worked out perfectly! So, what’s the deal here?

Five steps to get a free Skype premium account:

  1. Go to:
  2. Input any of your email addresses (try a different address if this didn’t work out the first time).
  3. Wait for an email with a code of the voucher.
  4. Go to and login.
  5. Enter your voucher code. Enjoy your premium account!

Skype Premium free code avaliable today

Skype premium free codes instantly upgrade your account to an ad-free account and give you an opportunity to make group video calls and share screen. Premium code’s usual fee is around $100. These promo codes are not linked to an e-mail address and you can get multiple codes for different e-mail addresses.

You’ll be able to use premium features up until April 2014. Each code adds 12 months to your premium account. But you can not activate more than three codes per month.

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    • Jordan Simpson
      Jordan Simpson says:

      Visit my Twitter and look through my recent tweets and you’ll find a raffle I’m currently holding. I’m giving 5 free premium codes. @SimplyJordanNet


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