Graze box free code

Graze is a new service that offers a subscription to a delivery of healthy snacks by post in UK. The idea is having convenient & healthy, pre-portioned snacks sent direct to you in the post.

The boxes are designed to encourage you to munch on goodness throughout the day, instead of fatty biscuits and crisps. It’s definitely more healthy than most things you’ll find in an office vending machine. Original price for one time delivery is £3.99

Graze Box Free Code

I received a Graze box free code from a friend and signed up for a free first glaze box (you have to cancel the subscription online to stop receiving boxes). In the process, they provided me with a similar code that you can use to try this thing out. You’ll get the first box of snack goodies for free!

Graze box free code:
Use this code 6MTGCMW6U or just follow the link ( to get your first box for free.

Here’s a picture of my free first Graze box.

Graze Box Free Code and Review — by Jucke

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