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Stone Age: The Board Game

Stone Age for iOS is finally out and downloadable from iTunes. Interface design is great, the rules are well implemented, the graphics are beautiful and the AI opponents are pretty challenging. For now it’s only optimized for iPhone screens. But the graphics still looks great upscaled to 2x on the iPad. From the very 1.0, iOS game gets an impressive set of features, such as:

  • Asynchronous multiplayer through Game Center
  • Competitive league play with Elo rankings (iOS 6+)
  • Pass-N-Play multiplayer for single device
  • Original soundtrack
  • Full tutorial
  • Solo play with AI ranging from very easy to insane
  • Retina-level illustrations

The original turn-based strategy board game was published by Hans im Glück in 2008 and has won many awards for its accessible theme, solid gameplay, and innovative mechanics. It utilizes the worker placement mechanic to allow 2-4 players take turns to play the game. As the chief of your tribe, you compete for resources, buildings and technologies to make your tribe the most advanced among the others. Despite the long explanation of the game rules, Stone Age is quite easy to learn.

Campfire Creations keep working on several updates, including iPad/Universal app upgrade, new AI Opponents and multilingual support. If this is the first time you have ever heard of Stone Age, I highly recommend you to try this game out. All in all, Stone Age is one of the best iOS board-games I’ve played this year. A must download!

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