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Best board games for iOS 2012

In 2012 some board games made their move from cardboard to iOS while others kept gaining in popularity. Here I picked out best board games for iOS 2012. Top of the line.

Icon Game Device Price Developer
1   Neuroshima Hex  iPhone and iPad $4.99 Big Daddy’s Creations
2   Ticket to Ride  iPad only $6.99 Days of Wonder
3   Puerto Rico  iPad only $7.99  Ravensburger Digital
4   Caylus  iPhone and iPad $4.99  Big Daddy’s Creations
5   Scotland Yard  iPhone and iPad $4.99  Ravensburger Digital
6 Carcassone  iPhone and iPad $9.99  TheCodingMonkeys
7 Time Line  iPad only $2.99  Bombyx
8 Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer  iPhone and iPad $4.99  Playdek
9 Le Havre  iPhone and iPad $4.99  Codito Development
10 Stone Age: the Board Game  iPhone and iPad $4.99  Campfire Creations
11 Magic: the Gathering  iPad only  Free  Wizards of the Coast
12 Small World  iPad only $6.99  Days of Wonder
13 Catan HD  iPhone and iPad $4.99 Ravensburger Digital
14 San Juan  iPhone and iPad $4.99  USM
15 Samurai  iPhone and iPad $4.99  Conlan Rios
16 Lost Cities  iPhone and iPad $3.99  TheCodingMonkeys
17 Nightfall  iPhone and iPad $2.99  Playdek
18 Forbidden Island  iPad only $4.99  Button Mash Games
19 Tikal  iPhone and iPad $3.99  Codito Development
20 Tigris and Euphrates  iPhone and iPad $4.99  Codito Development
21 Conquist 2  iPhone and iPad  $2.99  Schmeuk Studios
22 Wizard Hex iPhone and iPad  $2.99  Trouble Brothers
23 Summoner Wars iPhone and iPad  Free  Playdek
24 Elder Sign: Omens iPhone and iPad $3.99 Fantasy Flight Games
25 Titan HD  iPad only  $7.99  Valley Games
26 Thunderstone iPad only Free Zabu Studio
27 Dominant Species  iPad only  $4.99  GMT Games

I will certainly review some of these games separately. Follow links on the game icons for iTunes descriptions or use to find long and detailed reviews for any of these titles.

For sure there are also some other board-game apps that I did not cover here (such as Ghost Stories, Assassin’s Creed, Shadow Era, Yggdrasil, Tichu, Ra, Medici, Ingenious). Some others are not out there yet (Eclipse, Stronghold, Agricola, Wings of Glory).

Let me know of your favorite iOS board games in the comments below.

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