Play music for Friday evening pre-gaming with friends: smart playlists with Songza app

For those of you who don’t know, Songza is a free music streaming service loaded with expertly curated playlists for everyone and a fresh way to find music for any occasion. You can choose from a long list of activities, and have curated playlists served up to you based on what you’re doing. There’s also a Concierge feature that takes what it knows about your music preferences, notes whether or not you’re on a desktop or a mobile device, factors in the day and the time, and gives you a list of activities that you are probably in the midst of. From there you can apply a filter based on genre or mood, and choose a playlist. There is also a social element that offers the option to share these collections.

The idea here is that we can get you to awesome music without you having to think.
— Elias Roman, Songza’s chief executive

While Pandora can be seen as their biggest competitor, Songza chooses to do things slightly different. The first and possibly biggest, is that Songza doesn’t impose any limitations on how much music you can listen to. The second is the choice to focus less on creating artist based radio stations and instead is based on delivering expertly curated playlist straight to various devices with no work on your part. Apart from its official website, you can also use it on Android phone, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad Touch and other widely used sources.

Despite such pluses, the web radio also owns a downside that it can only be played in the US and is strictly restricted everywhere else. As always, VPN makes up for a viable solution to overcome this restriction, thanks to its capability to enable the users go anonymous over the internet. Almost any VPN provider is good to ask for help in accessing Songza beyond the United States. Personally, I’m using Astrill VPN. Hovever, the iOS app once downloaded from the US store can be used without such restriction. Ready for Songza?

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