Organising bookmarks - Papaly

Organising boomarks with Papaly vs. browser bookmarks

I used to pin my frequent websites into Chrome’s bookmark bar removing the descriptions, so that it looked like a row of favicons linking to the most useful websites.

The problem with this method is that bookmark bar only has space for 38 icons (maybe more for a larger screen) before they get sucked into the dropdown. The other thing is when you want to bookmark more then one URL under the same domain/favicon (github repos, for example).

Few weeks ago I discovered Papaly and its Chrome extension. It allows you to set the new tab to a list of (lists of) bookmarks.

Organising bookmarks  view - Papaly

It works out really well for “to read”, “to watch” and “to later” kind of resources. URLs updated frequently are also easier to have at the tips of my fingers. Papaly browser extension also allows to create multiple screens/workspaces — and organise the hell out of it.

So far, Papaly didn’t replace the existing way of assigning favicons to URL’s in the bookmarks bar. But it works really well with things like github repos and knowledge bookmarking.