Moved to London

So, I moved to London. It was somewhat long and exhausting process with painful paperwork delays, but the significant bureaucracy part is now over, and all the fun has just started!

I live in Putney, South-West London, not far from the Richmond Park — and still exploring the city!



There’s lots of work for me to do on current projects, but no doubt I’ll be looking for a frontend dev position soon enough — as soon as I finish ongoing freelance projects for overseas clients. I’m very very excited about this already!


What I love about London

Hell yeah, there’s a list:

1. Weather (~14-16C, lots of rain and some precious sunny days).
2. Planes are allowed to fly over the city, and since I leave on the way to Heathrow, I can see a plane every 1-2 minutes — just a little thing that I enjoy a lot!
3. Major museums are free to visit and the expositions are huge, educational and fantastic.
4. Visual environment is very appealing. Design standards are high and the consumer market is highly developed.
5. Supermarket delivery service and self-checkout — in most countries it’s not so wide spread or accessible.
6. Internationality. Loved it in Beijing, love it here.
7. Nature comes close to the city, or maybe it just has never left it. I’ve seen squirrels, and foxes, and fancy birdlings, and there’re parks and trees, green, blooming and fragrant.
8. Beer, cheese, hummus, meat, everything is awesome (have in mind that I lived 4 years in China previously — abundance and big choice of high-quality “western” food is still quite delightful to me.


I won’t focus much on bad stuff, but few things need to be mentioned. Things are expensive in London, for some products and services — shockingly expensive: city transport (1 week bus pass = $35), rent, eating out, movies, events and other tickets. Also, I’ve never seen “sold out” signs so often before. Though, clothes and slightly cheaper then in Eastern Europe. I’m still trying to find a balance and adjust the budget to “environmental” changes. Transport delays happen quite often and getting around the city takes more time then expected. Some fast-foods and supermarkets are 24/7, but most of local shops are closed by 6-7pm.

What’s next

This is my first long term visit to London, but from the very first days, along with sightseeing, I’ve been very busy with various assignments: finding an apartment, registering in the police office, opening a bank account, and also working for clients and Hand-Drawn Goods. That’s why there’s still a lot to see and to do. There will be many trips, museums, locations, pubs and meetups next month.

As I mentioned before, I’ll be looking for a full-time job as soon as current projects with the clients are over. #anticipation

There’s also a checklist of events I made in advance. It includes seeing Les Mis, visiting The Globe (bought tickets for August), the Farnborough Airshow, running a race (registered for The British 10k London) and attending a webdev/frontend professional conference.


Hopefully, there’ll be enough time to write about these events thoroughly. I also plan another post on London related topic, so stay tuned for the updates!


There is Instagram, as usual, and a Flickr photo stream that shows uploads from a camera and includes Instagram pictures as well.

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