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Best gym ever

Just finished my first workout at the gym. And I want to write a post about it!

Why, I just didn’t expect a gym to be so appealing. With this many enjoyable things and details. For the record, I’m not a gym rat, though I’ve been to ~10 gyms (also in different countries) and those gym experiences were more or less similar — until this time. Take out your notebooks, gym owners.

Gym who?

So, the gym I’m talking about is PureGym (puregym.com), it’s a UK gym chain, established in 2008. It’s positioned in the affordable fitness sector: membership starts from £10.99 a month for customers who sign up to new Pure Gyms within a specified timeframe. Thereafter fees are £18.99 a month nationwide, and £25.99 in London.

What did I like about the gym?

It’s 24/7 — not completely unusual, but also not bad — for London. What I enjoyed first was a neat entrance system. You type the secret pin, green light switches on, and then you step into a capsule that closes behind and opens in front of you. The system itself isn’t that innovative, but it looks pretty hi-tech for a gym. Love it!

Second, the gym has an app (iOS + Android). And the app is pretty cool.

There’s also a website. It’s not 100% perfect, but very very close (says a frontend developer here).

Pure Gym

The design is solid, and it all just works together. You log into the dashboard with a login and a secret pin (that is also used for physical access). Then you can book classes online, read articles and manage subscription. Enrollment is also done 100% online. Great level of technology here! Enough for best gym ever? Definitely enough for me.

Pure Gym — App

There’re more little details contributing to this whole image. Although the building itself is very traditional, the interior is very cool, modern and stylish. The brand colors are used everywhere. There’re even cute merch items avaliable in the vending machines, all of them sport related and useful (branded water bottles, towels, padlocks, earphones, etc.) Locker room is huge and spacious, with many showers, hairdryers and mirrors.

Pure Gym — Lockers

Each type of equipment has a little QR-code on to can scan with the app for info and instructions.

The atmosphere is very nice, all things that you expect from a decent gym are present. Three floors of fitness equipment and machines, group classes. My first group classes were great, can’t wait to book more.

It’s also worth mentioning that the phone support is great: they help, explain, call you back and don’t put you on hold. The gym is well represented in social media (links below). Though, they could improve the content strategy by sharing fitness tips, articles or any other materials that gym visitors might be looking for in the internet.

Social networks:

Could it be better?

It would be also nice to have an opportunity to develop a training/nutrition plan with a professional trainer for a fair price. Something between the personal training (which is avaliable, but rather expensive) and a standard membership.

There might be some general gym-related issues: occupied equipment, too many people (quantity varies), shower is destroyed by a horrible person who used it before you, group class fully booked on ‘gym rush hours’, etc.

Two Stars

It’s all pretty common, so I’m prepared. Even weirdly inspired, booking my next class, ready to work bitch!

Referral Code

All gym members have a referral code. Which gives them/us a chance (about 1/200000) of winning a fabulous something. So, here’s mine: 15P22906. Plus I definitely recommend PureGym if you have one nearby — no chance needed.

Some interesting materials about the chain:


Running Joke

Work bitch.

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