Remote control sockets

Remote control sockets

Last week I installed remote control sockets remote control sockets for light switches at home. It’s amazing such a little thing can make a difference.

I like that it’s absolutely easy to install and use. You don’t really need an advanced “smart home” tech to have remote access to the switches. A socket (and an appliance connected to it) can be turned on/off at the touch of a button, and it’s both cool and convenient.

The range of the remote control is about 30 meters. It operates on radio frequency, works through walls, doors & floors, no line of sight needed. LED lights indicate remote control signals and socket states. Multiple sockets can be grouped together listening on a single button click to create zones.

Amazon Sockets

The manual says that max load is 3120W per socket, so it’s good for lamps, lights, air conditioning, heaters and sound systems. If you google “remote control sockets”, you’ll see them avaliable on every major marketplace. I bought mine from, but they are also sold in electrical departments of convenience stores.

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    • Jucke
      Jucke says:

      Hello there. My use cases are: switching on/off the lights all around the house (and having light ‘zones’), switching on coffee machine from my bedroom, switching on/off air fresheners in the hall and switching off all electrical appliances in my room with one button when I leave. Isn’t it the case where your limit is imagination :)


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