Posture gadgets and posture corrector clothes

More fitness gadgets of new generation are being released each year. They are smart and helpful, make you be more analytical about your goals and increase self consciousness on health subject.

I’ve been trying some of health and fitness gadgets previously (Fitbit Flex review). Here’s my list and reviews for the latest gadgets that are aimed specifically to improving the posture. There’s also a whole niche of posture corrector clothes out there. I’ve only been able to test and research few of the products, and I’m including them to this article as well.


Posture gadgets

Lumo Back

Posture gadgets: Lumo Back

LUMOback is a wireless posture sensor and mobile app that leverages great design, proven science, and the latest advances in mobile computing.

It started as a Kickstarter project, was successfully funded on Aug 1, 2012 and for a couple of years now remain one of the most prominent posture corrector gadgets.

Lumo Back consists of a small black sensor, about the size and weight of a pack of gum, attached to a stretchy black belt. You use the Velcro straps near the sensor to adjust the belt, and you “buckle” it with a Velcro closure at the front. Lumo Back’s control center is an iOS-only app. You use the app to register your account (details on height and weight, and whether you use a standing desk), to sync and calibrate Lumo Back, and to toggle the buzz options. The sensor communicates wirelessly with the app, and provides feedback in real time so you can watch your movements in the app.

How it works?
Lumo Back monitors your posture and coaches you to improve throughout the day. Worn comfortably underneath or over your clothes, the sensor gently vibrates when you slouch. When synced with your compatible mobile device, Lumo Back will keep track of your daily activities like steps taken, time spent sitting, calories burned, and even your sleep habits.

Lumo Back provides continual feedback for both sitting and standing posture that can be easily calibrated numerous times. It is also easy to calibrate and provides feedback regarding the total postural score for the day, number of steps taken per day, and information regarding the positions in which you sleep. Over time, Lumo Back will help you change the way you sit, stand, and move, helping you achieve better health and greater confidence.

Price: $149.95
Opinion: Lumo Back currently is the most advanced posture corrector gadget, offering analytic dashboard online and adding a fun part to the daily routine. I certainly recommend it.


Posture Master (Master Osanki)

Posture gadgets: Master Osanki

Posture Master (Master Osanki – in Russian) is currently avaliable on Russian market only, but it might be interesting for much wider audience. It’s s a small battery-powered gadget the size of a US quarter. Programmed on your chosen posture, it strictly monitors the position of the body. The sensor gives an immediate, gentle buzz when you slouch, nudging you to sit up straight. It can be worn as a pendant or attached to the clothing or bare skin.

Miniature size and light weight. The device can be mounted anywhere — right on the body or clothing, to hang as a pendant around his neck. You can wear it for hours while he reminds you of yourself if you start to slouch.

30-second delay. If you change the posture of the programmed in the device vibrate once and wait for 30 seconds, to make sure that you’ve got yourself back into the correct position. Also, if you just need to pick up something from the ground or just tie the shoelaces, it’ll wait a reasonable amount of time before bugging you.

You can choose the correct posture of the body in any position. Posture Master allows you to remember the correct position of the body in any position – standing or sitting.

Price: $55
Opinion: It’s a great little device that does it’s job. To achieve the best result, it’s best to increase the wearing period from an hour or two to a full time 8-9 hours a day. This was it will slowly change your posture habits and in 30 days you’ll be able to see the difference.


Posture corrector clothes

Up Couture

Up Couture — Posture Improving Tees

About the Up T-shirt
The Up T-shirt, created by a French label Up Couture, promises to “maintain straight shoulders, helping you look slimmer and more alluring”, by using an extra-thin elastic bands built under the T-shirt that pushes shoulders gently into a straight position. The goal of the Up T-shirt is not to maintain the back firmly, as a rigid maintenance would weaken the muscles of the back, but to press in the right direction as soon as the shoulders leave their ideal alignment.

Posture Corrector Clothes Review

Made in France from organic cotton, and available in a range of colors for men and women, the T-shirts are brainchild of a lawyer Neda Naef: “Looking around me, I noticed, that apart from the occasional trained dancer, men and women tend to walk with their shoulders hunched. Not good looking at all! I was inspired to find a solution.

Posture Correction Tee Review

How does it work?
The Up T-shirt doesn’t incorporate any sort of rigid brace to keep a sloucher’s spine and shoulder straight. Instead, the Up organic cotton T-shirt is designed with a patented configuration of elastic bands, which are sewn right into the garment. Looping your arms through the holes, these bands are arranged in a figure-eight pattern. The result is a shirt which supports your shoulders, making the t-shirt feel less comfortable to wear when slouching than when practicing good posture.

Posture Corrector Tee

Video teaser:

Price: between $175 and $200
Opinion: I enjoyed Up-tee a lot. The price is a little bit high for a piece of clothing, but it does the job well.




Developed by sports physician Dr. Tim Brown, the athlete-endorsed shirts feature patent pending PostureCue™ technology that mimics functional athletic taping to promote proper alignment and engage underused posture muscles.

Intelliskin Sport

Kinesio taping is a rehabilitative technique designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints — all while stimulating your body’s built-in support system. IntelliSkin takes the idea of Kinesio taping a step further, using highly-engineered posture apparel to stimulate the body’s natural healing process by aligning and compressing soft tissue injuries in the direction of relief.

Price: between $75 and $325
Opinion: IntelliSkin may not deliver on each and every one of its claims, it can offer each wearer at least a few. It’s warm, it doubles as compression gear, and if it doesn’t perfect your posture, it will bring some greater awareness to it (which could be just as effective).


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