Black Sport iWatch 38mm

I returned my Apple iWatch

Still need a review?:)

Ok, I’m a fan of wearable tech, and for the last 10 years I’ve been dreaming of an analogue of Fallout’s Pip-Boy in the real world.

Pip Boy — Fallout (Source:


And I was among the first to try on iWatch during the trial sessions at the Apple Store on Regent Street. However, during the trial there was no opportunity to explore iWatch functionality, apps, and the personnel was not allowed to answer specific questions. The looks of iWatch is fantastic.

However, two weeks later when I had one of my own to play with, turned out that it’s been all about the looks.

App developers tried their best to develop the first iWatch app versions struggling with simulators (try to develop something for a device that doesn’t exist). Instagram, Swarm, Runkeeper, Twitter and other dev teams have done a great job, and their apps look neat and deliver (never mind first versions’ roughness).

iWatch Sport - 38mm, black

Random picture of me wearing iWatch at the gym.

So, what went wrong? For me personally, there was no enhanced experience with any of the things that I’ve done. Nothing’s easier or significantly quicker to do from iWatch in comparison with iPhone. Every single action requires more steps (or feels like it). The first screen is NOT really that customisable in terms of what apps do you want to access.

Another thing, you would expect a sport watch to be more waterproof than explained in the manual. I didn’t engage into any moisture experiments, as I wanted the watch to be in a perfect condition for the trial period.

The last straw was the fact that it doesn’t allow any alternatives for web views. Imagine a twitter feed with dozens of links that you’re unable to view or a link to a file you cannot open. That’s what I’ve been seeing mostly while using the most common apps. The experience is so restrictive that you start avoiding it by simply using the iPhone for anything than the time check.

iWatch Dead - Prediction


And finally, as most of skeptics have predicted: at that exact moment when you’re running up the platform, 30 seconds left till your train’s gone, lifting your wrist to confirm you do have these 30 seconds… The watch is dead.

As a conclusion, I’m still happy with Apple being nice to allow me dragging the gadget around for two weeks and gracefully taking it back with no questions asked.

However, in my experience, iWatch has been the first Apple product to ditch the technology+experience concept in favor of smart looks and cool velvety materials. I won’t speak for everyone, but for me it’s an absolute fail.