iPad gestures

How to use an iPad without touching the button

If you happen to have an iPad, there are few gestures that can make your experience better. Or at least different. You surely have noticed the iPad button. Point is, you don’t have to use it at all while performing the commands with your fingers. Here is a brief reference containing all the gestures you’ll need to do so.

Goal or Command Gesture
Switch to the next/previous app Four-finger swipe/claw to the left or right while using any app
Get back to the home screen (same as clicking the Home button once) Five-finger pinch, like you are “grabbing” the screen
Open the multitasking bar (same as double-clicking the Home button) Four-finger swipe up
Turn on editing mode Tap and hold an app icon
Turn off editing mode without clicking the Home button Swipe down from the top (same as calling up the notifications panel)
Change brightness, volume or lock the iPad’s screen rotation while the side switch is set to “Mute,” Swipe up calling the multitasking bar and swipe left inside the bar to call the control mini-panel
Call Gesture Assistance Settings → General → Accessibility → Assistive Touch
Create your own custom gesture Same Settings → General → Accessibility → Assistive Touch will give you the Create New Gesture option, so you can record the very custom gesture yourself.

Before using all the gestures, make sure that this feature are turned on for your iPad. Look up in Settings → General → Multitasking Gestures.

If you are already here, here are some extra gestures unrelated to the Home button that you may (or may not) find useful.

Undo Shake it
Redo Shake it again
Split keyboard (makes it easier to hold an iPad while typing) Literally, split the keyboard with two thumbs and it will come apart
Fetch a word definition in e-mail or Safari Tap, hold and select “define”

Last but not least. Make sure you’ve changed the apps in a tray at the bottom of the home screen from default (Safari, Mail, Photos and Music) to those you really use. The tray accepts up to six shortcuts.

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