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Old Booth

Some time ago people started posting vintage-like aged self-portraits to the Instadram feed. For those who are interested how this was made, here is the link to the app. This is all made with Old Booth, which is a great and super-fun image editor with a bunch of vintage face masks from 20th to 80th […]

Word about Agile Designers

Agile Designers truly seems the best web-resource gathering service out there! It’s a huge deposit containing lots of useful links filtered by categories and rated by users through a voting system.

Best board games for iOS 2012

In 2012 some board games made their move from cardboard to iOS while others kept gaining in popularity. Here I picked out best board games for iOS 2012. Top of the line.

Stone Age: The Board Game

Stone Age for iOS is finally out and downloadable from iTunes. Interface design is great, the rules are well implemented, the graphics are beautiful and the AI opponents are pretty challenging. For now it’s only optimized for iPhone screens. But the graphics still looks great upscaled to 2x on the iPad. From the very 1.0, […]

Ode to the cup heater

Cup heater. Device that makes me happy every day. No, wait, hot coffee makes me happy every day. Cup heater is just keeping the coffee hot. I’m not sure if cups-getting-cold is a common problem these days, but in case you share my concerns, here is a link to amazon.cn where I found this essential […]

Gloves that touch the screen

Have you ever hated to take off your gloves to answer to a phone call? Now you don’t have to. They invented touchscreen friendly gloves that can interact with a touchscreen of any device. I spotted them at Decathlon and tested with an iPad and a common touchscreen cellphone. Both worked out great!

How to use an iPad without touching the button

If you happen to have an iPad, there are few gestures that can make your experience better. Or at least different. You surely have noticed the iPad button. Point is, you don’t have to use it at all while performing the commands with your fingers. Here is a brief reference containing all the gestures you’ll […]

Christmas ecard 2013

Time is coming when we start hatching this year’s Christmas ecard ideas. Last year it was all about handmade and plasticine, so the postcard was based on the same idea as this one (which is my very favorite).