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Jolly Icons: a set of 400 hand drawn icons

We’ve launched jollyicons.com, a website featuring an awesome set of 400 hand drawn icons! Also, there is a free set of 36 Jolly Icons available for download. The whole set is totally amazing and I love every single icon in it. I was really excited to participate pushing pixels and adding some interactivity to the […]

The best online education resources

Online education has come a long way in a short time. It’s making knowledge accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Hundreds of courses are now available from dozens of the world’s best universities and professors. There’s even an acronym for massive open online courses that’s gone mainstream: MOOCs. Freedom from the classroom just means […]

Bulk unsubscribe email service: unroll.me

Have you ever wished for a bulk unsubscribe email service to check all you unwanted subscriptions and make them go away, forever? Luckily, it exists. The service is called Unroll.me, it’s a free beta now, and it is really just the perfect tool to get rid of all those marketing newsletters and unwanted subscriptions that […]

Little Things Forever: iOS game of the week

Little Things Forever game breaks free as an app of the week in AppStore. It’s a hidden-object game where you need to track down small objects from a bigger canvas. Each picture has hundreds of shapes hidden inside it.

MIHTool: iOS web debugger

(MIH for “make it happen”) helps front-end developers to debug and optimize their webpages on iPad and iPhone. It’s an iOS web inspector and debugger that makes various dev tools accessible right on the device you are testing on.

Alternative RSS reader. Google Reader shuts down.

For a long time I’ve been stuck with the native Google Reader interface to keep track of the news feeds. With its sudden death comes the time to choose a new platform for RSS aggregation. I’ve been trying out Feedly fow a while now, and I find it quite awesome. Apart from amazing UI, it […]

Chrome Extensions I can’t live without: 2013

There are tons of Chrome extensions I’ve been trying out and testing. Few of them made it into the Chrome toolbar and I’m using them every day. Here is the list of my currently active best chrome extensions 2013. Hopefully, you find something interesting for yourself.

How to choose a web hosting service?

Lately I’ve been working with hosting providers a lot. Some people ask for my recommendations and opinion when they have to choose a hosting service for the first time. If you are a developer, you just set up a VPS and configure it the way you want. But how do you choose a web hosting […]