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Organising boomarks with Papaly vs. browser bookmarks

I used to pin my frequent websites into Chrome’s bookmark bar removing the descriptions, so that it looked like a row of favicons linking to the most useful websites. The problem with this method is that bookmark bar only has space for 38 icons (maybe more for a larger screen) before they get sucked into […]

Alexander McQueen dress & Bosch t-shirts

After visiting “Savage Beauty” exhibition of Alexander McQueen’s work at Victoria and Albert I’ve been reflecting over the dress. It appeared in the last collection of McQueen (left unfinished at the time of his death). The dress features a mashup between elements of Hieronymus Bosch paintings: The Temptation of St. Anthony and The Garden of […]

USB vacuum cleaner

Few days ago I randomly walked into Poundland, a UK store chain where everything’s 1 pound. They have a corner with chip (and mostly useless) gadgets. However, there was a neat USB vacuum cleaner there this time. Which is kinda cool, so I bought it. Surprisingly, it kicks ass. It has 2 suction modes, a […]

Ceremony of the Keys

TL;DR Next time you’re in London, book a free ticket to Ceremony of the Keys. I did it It’s honestly one of the best touristy things you can do in London! You’ll get to walk inside the Tower of London (normally £24 for a ticket) when all visitors have left, get to witness one of […]

Spotify Running

Spotify Running is a new feature of Spotify app. It’s not a running playlist, it’s more awesome than that! Select Running on the menu, and then the app will play tracks syncing the music beat with your running tempo. All the tracks are specifically designed so that the tempo could be changed while you’re running. […]


Reviewing blenders is new to me, because I never had one. But somehow Nutribullet got into my head, and I finally got one.

Sky Garden in London

Check out this place when you’re visiting London — Sky Garden on top of Walkie Talkie building in the City of London.

Card game: Star Realms review

Star Realms card game was born as a successful Kickstarter project. Back in 2013 the creators (partly responsible for Ascension, too) reached the $20,000 funding goal in less than 5 days. Now in 2015 it’s released as both physical deck and multi-platform digital game (iOS/Android, Windows, Mac). It’s a 2 player a spaceship combat deck-building […]