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Laundrapp review

Laundrapp is a new UK based service with a neat app for arranging laundry pickup and delivery. You select laundry type from given packages and book time slots for collection/delivery.

Laundrapp - iPhone

Looks neat, huh! I had to try it, even though I prefer doing laundry myself.

So, I selected a £15 package, applied first-time discount, booked the collection for 8-9 pm and prepared the laundry bag for collection.

To my surprise, the pickup man was late by 1 hour. Quite astonishing for a newly baked service thriving on promotions and positive reviews. He sent 2 apologetic messages and called at 9:30 to say that he’s still late. However, I was determined to give it a try, although this might have easily ruined someone else’s evening planes. At 9:45 the laundry was gone.

Two days later I got it back (on time). It was all neat and tidy, ironed and wrapped in plastic inside of a branded laundrapp bag. No complaints here.

If you are based in UK and want to try it, use referral code JUCKE, and it will give you £20 off the first order.

After the experiment, given the price and the pickup blunder I still won’t be using Laundrapp regularly. But I bookmarked it as №1 choice for occasional cleaning for “complicated” items.