Chrome Extensions for Web Design and Development

UPD: The list is now forkable on github.

Originally I’ve posted an article called “Chrome Extensions I can’t live without” a few months ago. Later on I kept updating it with more and more extensions that I found useful – mainly in the “webdev and design” category. Today I’m extending it again and moving this list to a separate article for flexibility and convenience. Here is the list of design/webdev only extensions that I use in the work process.

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Best kawaii Japanese smileys (kaomoji)

Best kawaii Japanese smileys (kaomoji) ヾ(●ω●)ノ

Today I’m sharing a list of my favorite and cutest japanese smileys or 顔文字 (kaomoji). Kaomoji emoticons are similar to smileys, but they usually contain various Japanese characters and because of this are capable of express more emotions than traditional western emoticons. Kaomoji is combined of two words:  かお kao “face” and 文字 もじ moji  “letters, writing”.

If you are onn iOS device, download Kaomoji app to have them as a keyboard.

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Education technology trends

Major education-tech trends for 2013 (infographic)

This is a great infographic picturing the major trends in education, such as the use of social media, SMS texting, and the growth of MOOCs to take lead in the education technology.

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Google Reader Replacement – RSS Readers and Aggregators Ultimate List

Final choice for Google Reader replacement

The doomsday of RSS Readers is on its way: Google Reader widely considered the best RSS reader online, will no longer be available past July 1st. Read more