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Hey! I’m Jucke, frontend developer based in London. I love web technology, coffee and board games. This is my personal blog where I mostly write about life, web technology, apps, productivity tools and mobile games, but also cover things like travel, running and gadgets. Come on in!

Emmy 2014 predictions

TV series watchers might have seen the list of Emmy nominations. Who, do you think, should have it? Here’s my list.

All Emmy 2014 predictions are based on personal opinions, interviews with the actors and occasional watching experience :)

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Posture gadgets and posture corrector clothes

More fitness gadgets of new generation are being released each year. They are smart and helpful, make you be more analytical about your goals and increase self consciousness on health subject.

I’ve been trying some of health and fitness gadgets previously (Fitbit Flex review). Here’s my list and reviews for the latest gadgets that are aimed specifically to improving the posture. There’s also a whole niche of posture corrector clothes out there. I’ve only been able to test and research few of the products, and I’m including them to this article as well.

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Graze box free code

Graze is a new service that offers a subscription to a delivery of healthy snacks by post in UK. The idea is having convenient & healthy, pre-portioned snacks sent direct to you in the post.

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ZenMate – free VPN browser plugin

This little browser extension called ZenMate for Google Chrome™ allows to access a website that is blocked for you due to censorship or geographical restrictions, such as Facebook for China or Songza for non-US residents.

ZenMate not only removes location restrictions by tunneling your traffic through the ZenMate Cloud but it also fully encrypts all traffic with the highest security standards.

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Moved to London

So, I moved to London. It was somewhat long and exhausting process with painful paperwork delays, but the significant bureaucracy part is now over, and all the fun has just started!

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Hand Drawn Goods launch

At Hatchers by day we are working on client projects, and by night we enjoy making custom hand-drawn icons, buttons and UI elements. We started to make them as a part of major interface design projects, but then discovered that painting icons brings us joy and there’re people who want them for their own designs.

Last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new website.

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